There are some really spectacular stories this round, folks-- I encourage you to enjoy them all!  Why not try something a little outside your usual fare...perhaps some Men, or some Silmarillion tales, a comedy, or an alternate universe story.  Stretch your boundaries with your fellow readers and writers!

Authors, you are now free to post and promote your stories wherever you wish.


Good manners are required, not optional.  Poor sportsmanship is unacceptable.

Adlanth wrote Horns and Hounds for Erulisse (one L)
Alexcat wrote Where the Shadows Fall for Marchwriter
Amber’s story for Idle Leaves is delayed.
Angelstar3999 wrote In too Deep for Mawgy
Bluegerl wrote In Mutual Regard for Stephanie
Burningnightingale wrote I Sing For Our Love for Ignoblebard
Chaotic_binky wrote Curufin and the Man That Got Away for Jaiden
Eidolon wrote Feather and Fetch for Iavalir
Elladansgirl wrote Then and Now for Dream
Encairion wrote Lowered them down with links of chain for Libby
Erulisse wrote Westward Progression for Erviniae
Erviniae wrote The Festival of Monarchs for Selene Aduial
Evocates wrote The Long Dark for J_Flatterman
Iavalir wrote The Tale of Melilaurë and Mélaurel for Oshun
Idle Leaves wrote Eastward for Lanyon
Ignoblebard wrote Sea's The Day for Alexcat
Ingrid44 wrote COMING HOME for Phyncke
Jaiden S wrote Somewhere I Belong for Zeen
J_Flattermann wrote Forever After for Rubyelf
Keiliss wrote Harbinger for Adlanth
Lady Mirfain wrote Careful What You Wish For for Larienelengasse
Lanyon wrote The Season For Arson for Red Lasbelin
Larienelengasse wrote Be my mirror, my sword, and shield for Jade
LOTRAngel17 wrote Pleasure from Pain for Angelstar3999
Marchwriter wrote Chasing Nightingales for Ingrid44
Mawgy wrote Eönwë’s Conquests for Amber
Olorime wrote To Love You Again for Eidolon
Oshun wrote Before Strife Was Born for Encairion
Phyncke wrote Heart's Stronghold for Olorime
Red Lasbelin wrote Road Trip to Mirkwood for Lady Mirfain
Rubyelf wrote Boromir's Personal Assistant for Bluegerl
Samtyr wrote Promises To Keep for Keiliss
Selene Aduial wrote It just had to be on Midsummer's Day! for Samtyr
Zeen wrote I Won't Bite for Chaotic_binky

Amber’s story has been delayed.

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