The Slashy Valentines have arrived!

They're here! They're here! The slashy valentines are here! All of you should have received an email with a link to your special story. If not, check your spam filter. Still not there? Let me know!

If there are any problems - broken links, things looking funny, etc. - let me know and we'll resolve the issue as quickly as is possible.

Please don't forget to leave feedback for your author! Everyone worked very hard on their stories and is deserving of a few kind words.

We had some truly fantastic pitch hitterPitch Hitters this year: Iavalir, Kalypso, Selene Aduial, and Zhie ... these exchanges wouldn't work without the folks who give a little extra, and thank you guys so much!

And now, for your reading enjoyment...
2011 My Slashy Valentine: The Master List!


Adlanth wrote The Flower on the Plain for Phyncke
Aglarien wrote What the Heart Sees for Tuxedo Elf
Alexcat wrote So Dear I Love Him for Surreysmom
Amber wrote An Ending, Or Not for Ingrid44
Angelstar3999 wrote A Chance Meeting for Perkyandproud
Chaotic_binky wrote The Time of the Woodcutter for Jade
Darth Fingon wrote The Hostage for Chaotic Binky
Elfscribe wrote King Thingol's Codpiece for Darth Fingon
Esteliel wrote Amends for Russandol 
Faoiltierna/Perkyandproud wrote Together for Phytha
Iavalir wrote What Went Wrong in the Haunted Mountain (and What Went Right) for Larien Elengasse
Iavalir wrote The Trouble Words Bring for Angelstar3999
IgnobleBard wrote The Hunter of the Heart for Iavalir
Ingrid44 wrote The Passage of Time for Minual Nuwing
Jade wrote Beyond Temptation for Selene Aduial
Jade wrote Not Without Fear for Kalypso
Kalypso wrote Asynchronous for Marina
Kalypso wrote The Land of Eternal Autumn for Angelstar3999
Keiliss wrote Life After for Zhie
Lanyon wrote Poor Heretics in Love for Oshun
Larien Elengasse wrote Chasing Shadows in Memories for Tena
Levade wrote What Dreams May Come for Keiliss
Marina wrote An unexpected date for Red Lasbelin
Mawgy wrote Erestor's Education for Tananda
Melusine wrote Nothing Else Matters for Sian
Minuial Nuwing wrote A Sunrise and A Shooting Star for Aglarien
Naledi wrote An Equal Partnership for Esteliel
Nightcloud k'leshya wrote What About Now for Adlanth
Nuizeilen wrote Spooking the Fish for Alexcat
Olorime001 wrote Still Waters for Tevildo
Oshun wrote My Grandfather's Cottage for Levade
Phyncke wrote A Fine Mess or an Elvish Sleeping Beauty for Samtyr
Red Lasbelin wrote The Rhythm of Love for Melusine
Russandol wrote The Apple of His Eye for IgnobleBard
Samtyr wrote Good Morning for Elfscribe
Selene Aduial wrote Into the future for Nightcloud k'leshya
Selene Aduial wrote An unexpected turn of events for Angelstar3999
Sian wrote Ride to Redhorn for Amber
Surreysmum wrote The Stranger for Thevina
Tananda wrote After the Flood for Olorime
Tevildo wrote Circumferences for Lanyon
Tena wrote Mereth o Mil for Nuizeilen
Tuxedo Elf wrote An Educational Visit for Naledi
Zhie wrote Beautiful Oblivion for Mawgy
Zhie wrote Alternative to Politics for Miniual Nuwing

Phytha and Thevina have not submitted stories at this time. I am sorry for any disappointment this has caused.
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Yays! I hope it is ok to post our stories. I posted mine with a link to the web site. I so happy! :)
Great! I have reviewed and my story has been reviewed. Very fun swap this year, darling. Thanks for all your work on this. I think it was super.
This was fun. Thanks for running the swap this year.

And thank you again for my story. I loved it, in case you couldn't tell! :)
I am so thrilled you enjoyed it - I will answer your fb, promise! I'm just working my way out from under the pile of work right now, lol.

And - you're welcome, I'm glad so many people took part in the swap and enjoyed it.