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MSV stories go live!

They're here! They're here! The My Slashy Valentine stories are here!

Congratulations to our new writers, Argleena, mothicalcreatures, Murphy, Rogercat, Senalishia and Swilmarillion, who completed their first swap. We hope that you have enjoyed this swap and that you'll come back for another round! Thanks to all our veteran writers who continue to participate and make this swap a vibrant part of the Tolkien community.

Don't forget to leave feedback for your author! Everyone worked very hard on their stories and are deserving of a few kind words. Also, please check out the other stories in the collection. We've got great stories worth a look!

And now, for your reading enjoyment...

My Slashy Valentine 2019: The Master List!

Aglarien wrote A Journey of Discovery for Neiroel
Alexcat wrote Between the Shores of Your Souls for Ignoblebard
Angelstar3999 wrote Arranged Documents for Aprilmoon
Aprilmoon wrote My Valentine's for Aglarien
Argleena wrote Frozen Heart for Fadesintothewest
Elladansgirl wrote Always More for lynndrye
Erlkoenig wrote call the night by name for Marchwriter
Fadesintothewest wrote Hearts and Battles for Hennethgalad
Hennethgalad wrote Run. for Tabru
Ignoblebard wrote Border Nor Breed Nor Birth for Maitimiel
Keiliss wrote Time Enough for Phyncke
Lynndyre wrote Cave Lion for Nuinzilien
Maitimel wrote In The Dark for RaiisingCaiin
Mangacrack wrote Nothing of the old heart remains for Senalishia
Marchwriter wrote Artifices of Shadow and Gold for Erlkoenig
Mawgy wrote Breaking the Enemy for Argleena
mothicalcreatures wrote customs of gender for Murphy
Murphy wrote green & gold for Raiyana
Neiroel wrote Midsummer Confessions for Nuredhel
Nuinzilien wrote I Am for mothicalcreatures
Nuredhel wrote Dinner for two...and a half for Elladansgirl
Phyncke wrote Trust in Me for Mawgy
RaisingCaiin wrote beneath the gates of gondolin for cephaliarch
Raiyana wrote Tending the Lady's Garden for Solanaceae
Red_Lasbelin wrote we want to live like trees for Tallulah Red
Rogercat wrote Lost item for Samtyr
Samtyr wrote The Value of Privacy for Angelstar3999
Senalishia wrote And The Lake Lay Between Them for Sleepless_Malice
Sleepless_Malice wrote The Dreams of Yearning for Mangacrack
Solanaceae wrote nothing of the heart remains for Swilmarillion
Swilmarillion wrote Try A Little Tenderness for Red_Lasbelin
Tabru wrote Where We Left Off for Keiliss
Talullah Red wrote Crossed Paths for Rogercat


Cephaliarch defaulted this round, but Deathangelgw wrote Challenge for Alex Cat. Our swap pinch hitters are heroes - thank you, DA, for what you have done!

If you need a link to the full collection, it is here.
Happy Valentine's day, everyone!
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